Terms of service

At Lokale Bloemetjes we strive for the satisfaction of our customers. We take great care of our products/services and are therefore fully behind our offer. In the unlikely event that it is not satisfactory somewhere, we would like to hear this and will get to work with your feedback. You can consult these general terms and conditions to create clarity about the agreements between Lokale Bloemetjes and its customers. If you still have questions, you can email them to info@lokalebloemetjes.nl .


1.1 These general terms and conditions apply exclusively to products from Lokale Bloemetjes, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the following information:

Lokale Bloemetjes

Address:Nico Broekhuysenweg 22, 1067HT Amsterdam


Chamber of Commerce: 69992061


1.2 When purchasing a product or service from Lokale Bloemetjes you agree to the general terms and conditions.

1.3 The prices of the products and services are independent of prices that you find elsewhere (other shops or internet shops).

1.4 When purchasing a product or service you agree to the indicated or agreed price.

1.5 A living product cannot be returned or exchanged after purchase (this in connection with the shelf life of living material. We cannot control the movement and packing of plants and affect the product).

1.6 No money will be refunded for purchased vouchers.

1.7 Vouchers from Lokale Bloemetjes are valid indefinitely.

1.8 In case of complaints about damage or shelf life, you must return/send the product (this way we can also see what is wrong).

1.9 You are responsible for returning the products.

Workshops and courses

2.1 By booking a workshop or course you agree to the terms and conditions of Lokale Bloemetjes.

2.2 The workshops or courses only take place with a minimum of 4 registrations. If there are not enough registrations, you will get your money back.

2.3 No money will be refunded or reimbursed in case of a no show from the customer, sickness notification or other reason for not being present. You can, however, pick up the materials purchased for you in our garden.

2.4 Lokale Bloemetjes can cancel or move the workshop or course at any time. If you cancel a workshop completely, you will get your money back unless this is the result of a notice of default from the customer.

Flower subscriptions (business)

3.1 By purchasing a business flower subscription you agree to the general terms and conditions of Lokale Bloemetjes.

3.2 Flower subscriptions cannot be delivered with a time guarantee.

3.3 Local Flowers can Lokale Bloemetjes a flower subscription at any time.

3.4 If no one is present on delivery and we cannot temporarily deliver it to the neighbors, delivery costs will be charged when offering it again.

3.5 If you want to skip once, you must report this at least 4 working days in advance. If you report this later, material costs will be charged in connection with purchased goods.

3.6 If you cannot pick up the flowers on the agreed delivery day or if they cannot be delivered due to the customer, no replacement bouquet will be delivered.

3.7 Delivery costs of the bouquets to the collection hubs are included in the price.

Flower subscriptions (private)

4.1 When purchasing a private flower subscription you agree to the general terms and conditions of Lokale Bloemetjes.

4.2 Local Flowers can Lokale Bloemetjes a flower subscription at any time. If there is still time left on the subscription, the amount of a picking vase - 25% will be refunded per week.

4.3 A flower subscription is only valid in the season that it was purchased.

4.4 A flower subscription is valid for a specific period and no rights can be derived with regard to a minimum number of picks.

4.5 With a flower subscription you can come and pick once a week.


5.1 Invoices must be paid within the due date indicated on them.

5.2 Costs may be charged for late payment.

5.3 Invoices are standard sent by email.