In the first sustainable picking garden in Amsterdam you can see how we grow our flowers in a nature-friendly way, and you can pick a responsible bunch yourself, as if you were a child again. We offer variety in our flowers every year, but we also have a wide range of perennial wild flowers, dahlias and more. Come and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the buzzing bees and the opulence of the garden.



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Frequently Asked Questions

It is not necessary to make an appointment if you want to pick. Our picking garden is completely self-service, so you can do everything from picking to checkout yourself.

In our flower station you can pay in a number of ways:

- Cash (if appropriate please)

- Tikkie (you can scan a QR code)

- PIN (if an employee is available)

- Transfer (to NL68ABNA0865524807 in the name of Lokale Bloemetjes Flowers)

It is no problem to come with a group. If you plan to pick with more than 10 people, it would be useful if you send a message in advance, so that we can ensure that there are enough vases, scissors, etc. available.

We offer a wide range of annuals and perennials to pick from, including many wild flowers, dahlias and more. Looking for something specific? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are not (yet) “certified organic”, but we do follow organic guidelines and do not use chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

Fortunately, there is a lot of space in the picking garden, so keeping distance is not a problem. We clean all materials regularly and ask you to wait a while if you have any complaints. Everything else is the same.

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