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Frequently Asked Questions

We do our utmost to ship all orders within 2 working days. As soon as this is done, you will receive an email from us. Delivery usually takes 1-2 business days. Sometimes we have a delay, but feel free to leave a message if you've been waiting a week or more.

Unfortunately, we have had a lot of trouble with the situation this year, but are slowly recovering. In the picking garden there is more than enough space for everyone, and our webshop runs without problems. As a customer, you will not notice anything with us.

Experience has shown that calling is not the most efficient way for us to contact customers. Our team is small, and we don't always have our phone with us in the garden. is it really important? Send an email and we will make an appointment together!

Certainly! Lokale Bloemetjes are a very nice gift, so we certainly understand that you want to add a nice card to this. If you have added a product to your shopping cart, you can click the option on the shopping cart page to add a greeting card and add a text. We then write this text by hand on a cute greeting card made from recycled paper and dried flowers. This option costs € 3.